The Profitable Guide of Selling Old Books Online

As every book lover, I assume you have the same question on your mind – is it possible to sell used books online for profit? To answer you shortly – yes. In this article, we`ll explain how to sell used or old books online and the best methods that work in 2017.

Nowadays, people buy used books online more than ever! It’s cheaper, and a used book always has some sentimental value to it. Those scratch lines, marked pages and dusty covers of a used book have a great value for people and there is an actual market for this. If there is a market – there is profit and a way to sell books online.

Here are few methods on how you can do this.

  1. Find cheap books online.

Those local garage sales and clearance deals in your hometown or area are a great way to start looking for cheap book. Check craiglist or with you friends and you have an arsenal that you can start selling online for profit. Many people have libraries of used books and are just looking for a way to get rid of them – not knowing the value of the book. On a side note, you can even contact wholesalers or auctions if you want to get a larger quantity of books to sell online.

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  1. Research what the audience needs the most.

Obviously, best seller editions and books are better sold online – or we could say, easier. Look what are the most sold books for the past few years for a specific or various niches that you want to target when selling online. Besides thrillers and child books, you can sell guides and manuals as well as education type of books.

  1. Determine the price with profit margin.

Don’t go for the low quotes. Learn the value of each book and find out what are the prices that competitive sellers are asking – for various editions or book condition. Check ebay or amazon so you can get a head-start on this topic.

  1. Determine the quality and rank.

Since you are going to sell used books online, determine the quality upfront so you don’t have to deal with returns and refunds. Make sure you know the difference between Mint, Used, and As New condition of the book. The rating of the book is going to indicate whether the book will sell fast or slow. Make sure you have strong patience with this online business – there is always someone interested, you just need to wait a bit longer for some books over the other.

  1. Distribute timely.

Distribution and shipping is everything in this business. Always make sure you have the book ready to go when bought online as your customers will appreciate this and recommend you to their friends and family when it comes to used books.