The Fundamentals of Selling Books Online

The increased interest to read in the last few years came with an increased price by which these books sell and it made people turn to other alternatives to get the books they want to read. This is what caused the selling ebooks online business to explode and become what it is today, giving people from all over the world the chance to dispose of unwanted books or create an Ebook and make a profit of selling it online. But, as anything else which is sold on the Internet, there are some things that need to be done when using platforms to sell books online


No matter if you’re an owner of selling ebooks online business or use platforms to sell books online, the description you have of the ebook is what catches your customer’s eyes and may be what decides if they will buy it or not.

Having a decent description helps the buyer find out if the book is what they are looking for and helps them select the one that fits their needs and of course, their budget. Whether they are buying web development books or famous collections, the description of the book helps them assert themselves that they are buying the correct book they want. In all fairness, there is nothing worse than buying something online and realizing it was the wrong product when it arrives.

Usually, websites as eBay and Amazon require an image included alongside the description, the synopsis of the book and description of the condition the book is in. Be fair and honest when writing these and include information on whether the book I scratched or ripped, has pages missing, markings on the pages or broken bindings. Don’t lead the buyer into having an unrealistic expectation, because if the book is in worse condition than he/she expects, the experience they will have will be unpleasant, which will lead to receiving a negative or undesirable feedback.

Shipping method

The shipping method of books is really important, not just for you as a seller, but also for the buyers. Different companies give different sets of services and conditions which may be the deciding factor in a purchase. The companies all offer different methods of transportation, some deliver the product in a shorter period of time and some take up to 2 months to deliver.

The shipping method the customer will look for depends on the customer’s preferences, budget and the time they want to wait for the book and if you don’t offer what they are looking for, they might turn to another seller.


Many books come in sequels or remakes. There are many collectors who would pay a big sum of money for the collection of books they want. Just look at Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Millions of copies are being sold around the world every day, many of them as ebooks on the Internet.

But original books known as all-time classics from famous writers as Tolstoy or Dostoevsky have substantially higher prices, especially if they come as a whole collection and the more complete the collection, the higher the price of it.